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    Joe Broke

    Could you try loan mod or get a short sale to a trusted friend and buy it back?


    Tony Berry

    GOOD NEWS MANY OF YOU !! FANNIE AND FREDDIE just opened up the date restriction. May 31st of 2009 is still the date that we need to look out for. BUT it does NOT need to be purchasd by Fannie or Freddie by that date any longer.. It just needs to be closed/funded by May 31st and now you will qualify for harp 2.0… I am a lender and can do these loans in all states.. So contact me and I can answer any questions and/or get you qualified and closed under harp 2.0 guidelines and with the new changes.


    Steve Bogues

    Have current loans that are underwater. Sold to Fannie Mae in 2012 thus barring qualification for 2.0. Looks like I can now qualify, is that the case.



    5 1/2 percent??!! YOUR COMPLAINING ABOUT 5 1/2 PERCENT??!! boo hoo lady…i would kill for that rate!!! i think you’re being spoiled


    Michael Horn

    what are you saying? I don’t have to be secured by fannie or freddie to qualify an underwater mortgage to be refinanced under harp?


    Michael Horn

    Dito, I’ve been waiting harp 3 it seems like forever. Just because I’m not secured by freddie or fannie I can’t do anything. It’s sounds like a BS scam


    Patty Zagraniczny

    Tony … How can I reach you? I am very, very eager to talk to you.


    ed sanford

    AS B boxer wants to hear from all of you people. this is what all the people have to do . SO we can get this done . . I called her now its your turn all of you . as this my be are last shot for help . (( CALL CALL CALL and Call . AS if you do not call B BOXER she will not know that you neeed here help !!! CALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL CALL


    Dave Englert



    Gayle Lazenby

    I have tried refinancing and loan modification, but with no success. I am current on my mortgage pmts, but that seems to go against me. I refi’d with Chase in 2010, which also goes against me, didn’t know about HARP. I lost my job in 2010. Fannie Mae owns my loan now. Will HARP 3.0 help me? I don’t know how much longer I can hold on and don’t want to lose my home.



    As a veteran you can do 100% VA refinance with a certificate of eligibility. I am working on one in New Jersey for a client and his rate will be 3.7 on a 30 year fix.
    Call a broker in your area to inquire about this possibility.



    Richard, you have some options with VA. They will allow you to go to 100% of the value of your home with a VA Certificate of Eligibility. The rates are far better than conforming rates. I am working on one now for a client and the rate is 3.7 30 year fix.


    William L. Bagby

    Try a loan at 11.5% with Citi Financial. Loss value on home from $ 235,000.00 to $135,00. Can not refinance under Harp 1 or Harp 2 loan held by Citi Financial.



    What about VETS with VA loans who can not find help anywhere and do not qualify for any of these government programs



    I am upside down on my mortgage. I am always current on my payments. I do not have a government backed mortgage. I really need help, as my payment are very high and we are struggling every month. We are waiting patiently for the Harp 3.0 program to give us the help that we need to survive.



    Did Obama serve ANYWHERE?
    This is not a political issue (entirely). Home owners need to take the blame for irresponsible financial mismanagement and falling for the mentality that they can refi like taking money out of their own piggy bank. Not all failed loans are from a bad purchase, but th guy who refinanced multiple times, took the money to buy toys and vacations, then blames everyone else because he’s suddenly updside down. Banks are also responsible for trying to out-do the other guy who just loosened up guidelines because politicians say “EVERYONE should own a home, which was by the way under Clinton (also has a T in his name)… We all need to bite the bullet, REMEMBER who did what and not vote for them again if they did wrong. We need change, but Obama has left use with little change in our pockets…


    sharon broden

    I need help also, I work 3 jobs to pay my house payment of 2,200.00 a month with an interest rate of 9.3%. not covered by Freddie or Fannie and is underwater with 39,000. of deferred interest that the mortgage company never told me about when they lowered my payments. no one will refinance me, my credit is good. I was left this financial situation when my spouse walked out.



    What is the status on the HARP 3.0? I live in Las vegas, my house is still underwater. I do not have a Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac loan. I have kept my loan current but there is still no help out there…



    Where are you coming from. How is my fault that I am now underwater?



    What’s her number and everybody else’s. I’ll call them all. I’ve been waiting for Harp 3 it seems like forever. I get so frustrated hearing about it and nothing happens. It’s like Obama said ” It’s a no brainer”. Does that mean our congress has no brains?

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