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    The cost for a HARP refinance will vary like any mortgage refinance. It’s best to talk with several lenders to compare rates and fees.

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    Joyce Lester

    Can Chase bank charge me application fee, tax service, processing fees etc? And if so, how do I know they are reasonable?



    Great isinght! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.


    sharon stratman

    I was trying to find out tonite does the harp loan ever let you borrow enough to get a new energy eff, furnace and hot water heater put in on the loan?It seems like it met,but I can’t find anything on it. If your home needs this to operate correctly and efficiently,saving money on energy biils. Thanks ahead of time.I’m sure you’ll know.



    Beware of those banking people. I have a Chase loan and I received a letter for refinance at a lower rate. Well, everything seems nice, I would save about $300 a month in payment but I was looking a little deeper into this. I asked a lot of questions and the loan office said there is only about $ 900 out of pocket. Well that seemed ok as well. I rechecked some of my figures and something still did not make sense. I discovered that they will add about $7,000 to the loan amount. I am not doing this re-financing, this is not a good deal at all, you will have less equity then when you started this process. BEWARE, this is a big scam.



    Why would you want to put the expense of an HVAC unit on your mortgage? Most dealers are offering zero percent financing on high eff units for as long as 60 months. To finance it with interest is ridiculous.



    Although there are costs associated with a new mortgage each bank determines their own fees. I do HARP, Va and FHA streamlines, very reasonable fees. Contact me and I can give you a quote.



    Do you have to go through the original lender to get approval under HARP? How can I get a better interest rate than Chase bank is offering of 5.625% with an APR 5.95%? Chase charges a $395 application fee. The closing costs are added to the loan amount but I was told there may be additional out of pocket cost associated with the loan. Is this information correct?



    Really, so you do the mods or just the refi for ??? If I ahove a Bof A mtg, an i want it modified, then I have to go to Bank of America



    I’m looking to do a HARP.
    Can you help?


    Jayne Harmon

    What kind of fees can a bank charge you to refinance your load through HARP 2, and what is reasonable? Wells Fargo holds my loan, and they say that I qualify w/o any out-of-pocket money. Is this true? What should I expect for closing costs? My loan is at 6.25 right now. The loan officer says he can get it down 2 points. Is this the very best he can do. I have excellent credit and have never missed a payment or been late on a payment for 15 years. I want a 30-year refinance and lower payments. My payment now is $738.00/mo w/o escrow


    Anita Leao

    Citibank is trying to make money off people who need the HARP program. I paid over $700 in fees to get the process started and get my interest rate down. Since my appraisal came in so low they added on .5 point to the cost of this loan. It was going to add $9,000 on top of how much I already owe on the loan! Big scam, how can they make money off us right now, they’re supposed to be helping us! I didn’t go through with his but still need a lower interest rate.


    Mack W Gossage

    I need to do Harp and I need help or advise.Can you help me?



    Chase bank did same to me, they want to add $6000 to the loan, HARP it is look like scam to me…



    sounds familiar. citibank did the same thing to me.
    Appraisal not high enough so the raised the rate twice gave me “the run around” by asking for more documentation (more than I ever had to supply when getting the original or when I refied over 15 years ago) I paid for the appraisal and a tilte search and they still wanted me to refi at 5.625 percent … I still don;t have a new loan and am looking for a lower rate. I know people who have 3.25 percent – 4.25 that’s what I’m looking for.


    Angela Leonard

    Is it true that there is a “loan origination fee” of 1.250% being assessed to all HARP 2.0 refi’s that are backed by Freddie?



    Per Freddie Mac Website
    “What fees can I expect to be charged under HARP?

    HARP is like any other mortgage where you may be required to pay certain costs for the application, processing, appraisal, title search and other necessary items to complete your refinance.”

    It says nothing of a mandatory fee to be imposed by a lender




    I have similar loan background as your’s and I was approached by Wells Fargo as well. I am about to go with the programm but wanted to hear about your experience if you do not mind. Are you happy you did it or you wish you did not do it. Please let me know.



    CJ Pinto

    Is it required by HARP to pay my Homeowners insurance through the escrow account? If so what if it is a condo and the bulk of the insurance is paid through by the association?



    I am doing a harp refi and I see they have a transfer fee of 1000.00 tagged on. Is this a junk fee? I have never heard of it.

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