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    Citimortgage (my lender) sent me a letter offering a mortgage refinance through the HARP program at a lower interest rate. I am not in any financial distress. Will I be turned down because I can’t demonstrate distress or need?



    what are the interest rates for HARP.
    Are there any fees asscoiated with the HARP? Are there income criteira?
    ex: can social security, VA disability payments, and 401k retirement payments be used as my sole source of income?



    I also am in the process of ending our chapter 13 in about 6-8 months. I am interested in the answer to this question as well if you receive an answer please notify me. Thank you in advance.




    Does Citi have the HARP program .



    So Scott what you are saying is that come after 3/17, which is a strange date because it is a Sat, anyway, I can go to Wells Fargo for example and have them work on a Harp for me? I have an IndyMac loan since 2006- Indymac was shut down and Bankone bought them, do not know when that was, but IndyMac is saying they do not have any info on the Harp2 until April which seems not true



    it was April 2,2009



    can i qualify, for this program I only have a work permit?



    When are the people with jumbo loans going to be given the same opportunity to lower their rates?


    K C

    I was aproved by BOA and I have a pmi on my current loan and a second mortgage but the second motgage has to approve the whole trans action witch they usually do. I am debating weather or not it is worth going another 8 years and paying 220 less a month. there are closing costs and if you have a second mortgage you have to pay 200 to the title company to get approval from the second mortgage and you lose that if they do or don’t approve it.



    I have two mortgages and would like to use the Harp 3.0 to refinance both into one smaller payment. The loans are more than the house is valued at currently. Can Harp 3.0 help me?



    I recently tried to refinance my loan in West Virginia through the HARP Program with my current lender . Everything was fine until my loan officer was working to come up with the refinance rate. It seems that West Virginia has a law that prohibits a lender from refinancing a loan if the property is worth less that the loan amount. Isn’t that the purpose of the HARP Program? My loan officer was shocked. Does this not defeat the purpose of the Program? Am I missing something here?

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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