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    The Presidents HARP 3.0 plan Under the original HARP 14 million homeowners were able to refinance their homes.  With the 2.0 update, this honed in on
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    i am curious how this work, have good credit, make payments on time, but upside down majorly on our mortgage. please help



    Are owner occupied condos eligible for the HARP 3 program?


    Jeff Cosey

    like to know more about how it work


    Marlene Jacques

    Very eager to find out how I could qualify from HARP 3 now that the restriction may have been removed for mortgages acquired by FannieMae or FreddieMac after 2009.

    payments on time, upside down mortgage, good credit, employed, mortgage was acquired by Fanniemae in April 2010. Need help ASAP please!


    Marlene Jacques

    payments on time, upside down mortgage, good credit, employed, mortgage was acquired by Fanniemae in April 2010. Need eligibility criteria for HARP 3.0 please!



    I have 1st with Fannie but a HELOC with another lender. 50% equity. Can I get a HARP?



    Does anyone now the answer to this question about the details of HARP 3, “Is the restriction lifted if you have refinanced with HARP in Jan 2010?”



    Is there a similar program if your mortgage is held by a bank?



    If I purchased a home with an 80/20 deal, will i be eligible under HARP 3 to combine these mortgages at a lower rate?



    I just got off the phone with a HARP counsellor who’s number I got off this web site. She went over all my finacials. Then told me because I’m not a Fannie or Freddie loan I do not qualify for HARP. I asked about HARP 3.0 and she new nothing about 3.0. According to her 3.0 has not been implemented yet. When will 3.0 go into effect?


    zack little

    im a loan officers assnt. at boa and we were never even told a harp 3.0 was coming out but in the past they released them in mid december so id say probly then.



    I too had a interest only countrywide loan. Loan sold several times. Finally got a loan mod @ 3.5% with $11,000.00 a year towards principal. Now want to refi since the principal is lower to reduce my monthly mortgage payment. No Freddie or Fannie and my loan to value is about equal. So I’m just out of luck even though I have good credit and never been late on the mortgage. I’m really hoping Harp 3.0 can solve my problem!



    Hi i’m single and I need help I hope HARP 3 came soon. I have good credit,I pay my mortgage on time,I work hard. I hope this program come this year



    Have excellent credit; never a late payment in my life on anything but am underwater on my home loan which is not covered by HARP 1 or 2. Looks like I will be left in the dust once again if HARP 3 required you to be employed. I am 73 years old and could sure use a break in my monthly payment since I live on a fixed income after getting laid off 2 years ago! Guess if we are not in the job market we just don’t count!!!


    Barbara Shears

    Will this apply to NYC coop apartments? Need to know what can help folks like us. Most of us are middle to low income workers trying to buy a piece of the American dream.



    I have spoken to atleast 50 banks, brokers , and just received a letter today from Paramount Equity and it stated Harp3.0 call now to save on your monthly payments, but when I called they told me that they had anticipated that the HARP 3.0 would be out by now, to disregard the letter and maybe try back in a couple of months, I am ready to give it up I dont think there will ever be a HARP 3.0 for the people that pay their bills ontime and are under water without a freddie or fannie loan. I am ready to just stop making my payments and wait for the bank to tell me to leave!!!!!!!! [email protected]@###$ It!!!



    on Harp 1 & 2 a job is not required & it doesn’t look like it required on 3 either as long as you have an income coming in i.e, social security, pensio.


    cindy guilmet

    I am running behind one month and home payment is there any programs that help people to get on top again?

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